Brief introduction of Mauritius RES
Area: 2,040
Location: 2,400 km off the south-eastern coast of Africa
Capital: Port Louis
Climate: sub-tropical, with temperatures ranging from 210 C to 340 C
Time zone: GMT +4 Hours

Population (2011): 1,3 million
Ethnic groups: Indo-Mauritians 68%, Creoles 27%, Sino-Mauritians 3%, Franco-Mauritians 2%.
Religions: Hindu 48%, Roman Catholic 23.6%, Muslim 16.6%, other Christian 8.6%, other 2.5%
Languages: Creole (native), French, English (official), Hindi, Urdu, Hakka, Bhojpuri
Literacy rate: adult population 84.4%; school population 90%

Type: Republic
Independence: March 12, 1968 (became a Republic in 1992)
Constitution: March 12, 1968
Political status: Multi-party parliamentary democracy. General elections held every 5 years.
Branches: Executive: President (Head of State), Prime Minister (Head of Government), Council of Ministers. Legislative: unicameral National Assembly. Judicial: Supreme Court

GDP (2010): $18.06 billion
Real growth rate (2010): 4%
Per capita income (2010): $14,096
Avg. inflation rate (2010): 2.9%
Main economic pillars: agriculture, textile, tourism
Fiscal year: January 1 - December 31

• Extensive road networks linking the whole island
• 220V electricity distributed throughout the island
• Water supply for agricultural, industrial and household consumption
• Excellent telecommunication facilities
• ADSL, ISDN, high bandwidth international leased lines and high-speed internet access
• Airport and harbour fully equipped for passenger needs and cargo traffic
• Weekly connections by air to major destinations

The “REAL ESTATE SCHEME” was recently introduced by the government in order to promote and encourage foreigners to purchase freehold property in Mauritius.

Any non-citizen, foreign controlled company or trust, acquiring a freehold property under this scheme is eligible to apply for permanent residency in Mauritius, through a number of simple prescribed procedures.

The RES scheme has particular benefits of lower entry price point and better tax advantages.

It also offers the opportunity of re-sale to foreigners in foreign currency.

The real estate sector is very attractive due to a low tax policy:
- A personal and corporate income tax of 15%
- No tax on capital gains
- No inheritance tax
- No tax on dividends
- Agreement on non double taxation with 35 countries
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